Drex's Tech Poi Blog #362: Straight Jackets

This is one of those moves that is so epically much more work than is ultimately worth it, but man is it bragging rights! Straight jackets are like crossers, but from a place where you arms are pretzeled around each other so you have almost no mobility. Part of the challenge is that it's nearly impossible to practice them without getting the entrance (from a barrel roll) down first. Not for the faint of heart--use soft poi!

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Video Tech Blog #10: Freespinning on the national mall

Last week I got a request from a guy who wanted to see me doing some actual spinning rather than just playing with concepts. Today was a bright and sunny day on the national mall, so I figured why not. Not a whole lot of really technical stuff here, but I had fun making it. Be back next week with more theory ;)

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