For Love of Teaching

There's a question that's been dogging my mind a lot lately when it comes to spinning and more specifically spinning for a living. It's a very simple question that's disarming at first but can lead to a good amount of navel-gazing to answer: why am I doing this? What is it about spinning that makes me want to do it to the exclusion of having a stable day job and the financial security I enjoyed up until so recently? I think I got part of my answer last night.

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Kinetic Fire Instructors: Alien Jon, Drex, and Charlie

This past weekend I got to host Alien Jon and Charlie here in DC as we geeked out for several days. We thought it would be an excellent opportunity to record a teacher information video for the upcoming Kinetic Fire Festival and here are the results. My apologies for the audio--I desperately need a better mic.

Kinetic will be May 12-15 in Earlville, IL. For tickets and more information, visit http://www.kineticfire.org

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