For Love of Teaching

There's a question that's been dogging my mind a lot lately when it comes to spinning and more specifically spinning for a living. It's a very simple question that's disarming at first but can lead to a good amount of navel-gazing to answer: why am I doing this? What is it about spinning that makes me want to do it to the exclusion of having a stable day job and the financial security I enjoyed up until so recently? I think I got part of my answer last night.

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Winter 2012 Workshop Tour!

Took at little while to finalize all the details, but I'm proud to announce my winter 2012 poi workshop tour! In the next three months I'll be visiting, Boston, Springfield (Missouri, not Illinois), and Atlanta!

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New York Poi Workshop November 12

I'm excited! I'm teaching my first workshop in New York City on November 12 in Manhattan.

I'll be teaching "Exploring Tech"-- a 2-hour workshop on plane-shifting, toroid flowers, and hybrid families that's designed to take spinners on a journey through popular current techniques all the way through to cutting edge ideas to inspire and challenge!

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Drex Fall Wildfire 2010 Performance Class

With only a few days to work on it, I pulled this performance together for Wildfire's Performance Class on Sunday night. There were a couple rough spots, but ultimately I think it was a decent routine for the prep time I had.

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Free Poi Class!

The studio I teach at has moved from Takoma Park to Silver Spring and we're celebrating the move by offering a week of free classes, including poi!

This is a great opportunity for rote beginners to get free instruction to start them on the road to the playful and challenging world of object manipulation. If you've been wanting to learn or have learned only a couple tricks and would like to learn more, this is the perfect chance!

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