body tracers

Basic Poi Dancing Tutorial: Tuck Turns 2

I've touched on this topic before, but I wanted to explore it in greater depth by applying it to all the different timing and direction combinations. Tuck turns are a great way to add an additional visual dynamic to reel turns--I highly recommend adding them to your repertoire!

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Poi Tricks: DrexFactor Spring 2013 Compilation

A collection of my favorite poi tricks I've learned and played with since March of this year. Some of these have wound up in tech blogs or performance choreography but most of them haven't. Featuring a lot of body tracers, contact rolls, stacking, funky hybrids and more!

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Drex's Tech Poi Blog #341: Horizontal archer's weave

A nifty trick I picked up from a Coloradoan spinner as I hung out in LA after IgNight--basically taking the archer weave we all know and love and putting it into a horizontal context. As I've been playing around so much with atomics these past few months, I decided to see if I could make this arrangement work as an atomic weave and was delighted to see it was indeed possible. Try doing the full body tracer from shoulder to shoulder!


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Drex's Tech Poi Blog #340: Body traced stall chasers

A fun trick that came out of one of Tim Goddard's recent videos--doing a bit of body tracing to connect the ends on a stall chaser. I spotted a kid at Freeform doing it and it jogged something in my memory. Here is not only how to do that trick, but another body tracer variant for it I came up with myself.


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Basic Poi Dancing Tutorial: Tuck Turns

If you've got your basic reel turns down, tuck turns are an easy next step that can add an additional level of visual immediacy to your turns. They're also the first example many of us encounter of a type of movement that plays a huge part in later moves called body tracing.

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Video Tech Blog #181 Odds and Ends 4 (stacks, diagonals, BTH)

A bunch of random combos I've been working on in the past couple months. The stacking stuff was based upon playing with the idea of leash tracing with the head or hand--something that came out of a move Charlie showed me at Fall WF last year, as well as maintaining right angles in the orientation of the poi to each other. The second stacking combo is very similar to the first, but there's a small difference in the timing that makes the difference between the tracing and actually having a moment where the right angle is seen in full relief.

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