polyrhythm hybrid

Drex's Tech Poi Blog #364: One handed mercedes (triquetra vs extension)

This one's been a while in the works: trying to do a polyrhythm hybrid with only one hand! The trick here is to remember which poi is closer at which point in the shape so you can aim it accordingly. Cool looking trick but requires a lot of work and accuracy!


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Video Tech Blog #68: Opposites meltdowns, elliptical to C-CAP transitions

First up, I'm revisiting a trick I posted several weeks ago: PoiRsquared's request to see an opposites crosser to polyrhythm hybrid transition. I hadn't realized the crosser he was describing was actually what I would consider to be a meltdown and had to shelve the move till I learned how to do an opposites meltdown. Well, I've got it now! Included is a step-by-step breakdown of how I got to it and finally, a demo of the transition PoiRsquared originally requested.

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