Drex's Tech Poi Blog #364: One handed mercedes (triquetra vs extension)

This one's been a while in the works: trying to do a polyrhythm hybrid with only one hand! The trick here is to remember which poi is closer at which point in the shape so you can aim it accordingly. Cool looking trick but requires a lot of work and accuracy!


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Video Tech Blog #53: Insignia's hybrids

This past week, Insignia posted a note to Facebook trying to map out all hybrids by matching up all the driving styles he knew of: isolation, extension, cateye, antispin, pendulum, and CAP and going through them one-by-one till he'd identified all the combinations possible between them. Here is a demo of all the hybrids he listed (though I just realized I forgot cateye vs. CAP--whoops). Some of these have an interesting aesthetic value to them while some are just an utter pain in the ass.

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Video Tech Blog #31: Pinwheel, isolated fountain, plane-bending star of David, Walrus Eye, CAPs

Definitely a smorgasboard of tricks this week. The first is a repeating triangle pattern done that is repeated at 90 degree angles to reveal what looks to me like a pinwheel, though the trick takes so long to render the idea may be irrelevant for performance. I tried it this past weekend and got a good response, though. I don't know what to call the next trick--I think it ultimately breaks down to halving the triquetra in split-time horizontally. Most of us know the vertical variation, but the horizontal one requires some arm-crossing action.

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Video Tech Blog #30: Triquetra turns, crosses, and figure 8s

Lots of Triquetra action this week! First up, more extrapolations of the figure-8 concept. This time a conflation of the figures Insignia and I have been playing with to get continuous figures that repeat no line segments and still work within the diamond pattern. Next, that cool cross pattern Zan is doing at the beginning of the Arizona Transmission video is demystified (well, it was mysterious to me). Finally, a 360 triquetra--something I theorized about months ago and have just now gotten to the point that I can pull it off.

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Video Tech Blog #29: figure 8 triquetras, butterfloops, hybrid 1.5's?

Starting off with the horizontal variation on the figure 8 I did last week--which actually turns out to be the easier variant. Also, a couple stabs at combining the vertical and horizontal figures with mixed (read: little) success. Also, based upon a discussion on tribe, some attempts at 1.5 hybrids, which I'm making some progress with, but having a difficult time working out a 1:1 rhythm with pendulums and any other type of motion. Finally, learning to turn with butterfly antispin flowers in wheelplane.

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Video Tech Blog #28: more triquetra variants, miscellaneous stalls

Starting off with a challenge from Insignia and including a funky "figure 8" pattern that can be done using a triquetra template, this one is kind of a grab-bag of things you can do with linear extensions in triangular patterns. Also, in trying to do what I think may actually be an impossible horizontal stall to same direction motion, I came across a nice hybrid transition from anti-spin flowers and am working on an inverted stall pattern one of my readers suggested on a past blog. Gimme time--it'll happen!

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Video Tech Blog #27: Turning with the Triquetra, butterfly isolations

This week we have a replay of some of last week's action, being as how it was too blurry to make out, as well as working on turning with the triquetra, mercedes, antispin hybrid--whatever you want to call it. Ironically, even though I've been working on turning from forward to reverse over my right shoulder, I'm finding the turns the other direction easier. Also: I've returned to my isolation intensive exercises and am now working on opposites. My split-time is a spot cleaner than same time, but that was the case with the same-direction variants too.

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Video Tech Blog #21: Isolations, CAP patterns, and buzzsaws

My laptop was in the shop last week and I wish I could show an astonishing amount of progress for the past two weeks, but I'm still slowly trudging through my isolation drills in the hopes of eventually mastering them. The mercedes/CAP combo from two weeks ago has also been at the forefront of my tinkering with turns for the CAP pattern now being a major emphasis. Finally, I continue to practice my buzzsaw flowers to be able to master switching between my dominant and non-dominant hands leading.

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Video Tech Blog #9: Hybrid, antispin flower, hyperloop

Working my way through the four basic isolation vs. extension patterns--cateye patterns to come next. Revisiting turning with the polyrhythm trifoil hybrid, antispin buzzsaw flowers/fountains, and some sloppy attempts at hyperloops.

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