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Welcome to my tech poi blog! Here you'll find more than a year's worth of experiments in motion with a juggling and dance tool called poi. If you like what you see, I take requests for videos and always love to hear feedback. Please leave comments!

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Video Tech Blog #6: Atomic fountain, trifoil flowers

A couple variations on trifoil flower hybrids--turning with them and a same direction version Lucas showed me this weekend. Also using the atomic weave as a fountain to draw a square in wall plane.

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Video Tech Blog #5: Atomic weaves, pendulums, flowers

Reverse atomic weave variation on the notcoleman3 and turning with it, a funky new pendulum idea, and turning with butterfly flowers. Simple yet pretty.

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Video Tech Blog #4: Hybrid/Antibrids, atomic weaves

Based upon feedback last week, includes a clarification of what constitutes a hybrid vs. an antibrid, triangle antispin flower antibrid and cateye/isolation antibrid, an atomic weave, and a cool little triangle antispin flower pattern Sean Stogner and I worked out over the weekend.

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Video Tech Blog #3: Hybrids and meltdowns

Some embarrassingly sloppy hybrids that involve isolations, extensions, and cateyes, as well as a couple more variations on meltdowns and crossers.

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Video Tech Blog #2: More 1.5s, meltdowns

More 1.5 and pendulum variations, including behind-the-head, a meltdown variant, turning with 1.5 opposites and same direction, and an interesting take on meltdowns. Sorry about the crappy audio--my normal camera wasn't working.

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Video Tech Blog #1: 1.5s and Pendulums

A bunch of variations on 1.5s and Pendulums--both same and opposite direction variants in wall and side planes as well as behind-the-back.

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